Florida Huracan 300




Elevation Gain

4 Days



Terrain Type

The Huracan 300 is a double and single-track route through the swamps and country side of middle Florida. The route and race are both the brainchild of Karlos, the Naked Indian or Single-track Samurai. It connects several trails together making an over 300 mile loop that starts and ends in Santos Mountain bike park and campgrounds.

You will experience some pretty hefty climbs for Florida, deep sugar sand roads and plenty of chest high water crossings. On top of that make sure to watch out for the dozens of alligators you will see (Throw that rock in the water before you cross).

The route can be difficult at times but this does make a great introduction to bikepacking if you are looking for a good getaway. Mountain bikes are preferred but a wide tire cross bike will also work well enough. You are looking anywhere between 3 to 5 days depending on your abilities but some in the race have completed in just over 24 hours. The 2016 year started in January which saw some frigid mornings and nights causing some to drop out from hypothermia but stay tuned for next years race time here at Single-Track Samurai’s Site.

One thing for sure, no matter what the media says about Florida, it sure is beautiful off the beaten path.

*NOTE – The GPX above is not the most recent iteration of the route. If you would like the most recent up to date please consider a donation using the donate button on the Singletrack Samurai site and Karlos will be able to provide you with it.