Water Bottle




noun: bottle; plural noun: bottles
  1. a container, typically made of glass or plastic and with a narrow neck, used for storing drinks or other liquids.
    ex. “Give me that sick-ass Toecutters Water Bottle.”

A single bottle’s worth of hydration can make the difference between bonking hard mid-ride or finishing.  The difference between a crippling hangover and making it to brunch only slightly late.  The difference between being thirsty and being satiated.  That’s why we here at Toecutters we went the extra mile to purchase 26oz Purist MoFlo water bottles to keep you well lubricated and ducked in the cut.  Why settle for only 20 oz like some rookie?  Get as much liquid in your face region as possible.

Not only that, but whether you’re on your sick Swerqs-Cross-Tri-Tourer or on your 1×10 Stumpjumper with a basket full of Genny Cream, either of our carefully designed bottles in either of their splendorous colorways will match or clash just how you like. Are you (wo)man enough to swap the green top to the pink bottle?

$12 Verdant Green/ Poltergeist Smoke

$12 Purple People Eater/ Pink Poodle

Bottle says “Fast enough to finish. Slow enough to enjoy the ride. We just want to party, and we want to party outside!”

Please email [email protected] for international purchases and shipping instead of ordering through here.

Choose wisely.


Johnny Funwrecker