#mashtoBRASH Photo Gallery

#mashtoBRASH is a group ride in Atlanta, GA put on by us Toecutters for like-minded cyclists who love to:

1. Drink really, really good coffee

2. Get up really, really early to ride a considerable distance all before they begrudgingly wander in to work

A surprising thing happened. There are apparently a lot of people in Atlanta who have the same thing in mind, and the ride has grown in popularity beyond the dozen or so weirdos we expected to show.

The route is a 20-ish mile loop around Atlanta, starting at Loose Nuts Cycles in Grant Park and ending at BRASH Coffee on the Westside. We roll through downtown and out Marietta Street, loop around the now-famous Bellwood Quarry, and head back to White Provisions. The ride’s also known for a photo-op stop where you can snap an amazing pic of the Atlanta skyline at sunrise and for a breakfast pit stop for amazing biscuits from West Egg Cafe. The pace isn’t slow, and there are a couple of crusher hills – but no one is left behind. Here are some pictures from this summer’s rides.