Fresh Air with the Toecutters: Details and Registration

So, we’ve been riding to get some BBQ lately. Simple, pure, classic BBQ. 3 items on the menu, and one of them is cole slaw.

We head down for about 60 miles of rolling hills and lazy farm dogs. It’s about 1/5 gravel, but nothing that a road bike couldn’t handle on skinnies. Then we crush all the BBQ, and head back to town. The total distance is just a hair over 200km and ends with all the cold beer or fancy sodas you can handle.

Check out the ride report from our last trip to Fresh Air at

Ride Report: Just Getting Some Fresh Air

There will be a Sag + Support vehicle overloaded with Emerald City Bagels and bars and smoothies and fruit and gels and Cucumber Lime Gatorade and water and Skratch Labs. We’ll have a PRO mechanic on board with a full set of tools, spares, and the ability to fix your derailleur as he leans out the window at 50 km/h.


Think you might be a little full after lunch, and would like to skip the return trip and get right into those beers? We have a shuttle back to town! (Only 4 shuttle spots remain so let us know early if that option appeals to you)


We’ll meet for breakfast and coffee at 7:15 and we’ll kibitz long enough for a good cup of coffee and the Southeast’s most delectable bagels from Emerald City Bagels.
We take care of everything. You should bring a water bottle or two and some lights for the early start, but you don’t need another damn thing. Come ride with the Toecutters to the best little BBQ shop in Georgia while the weather is still perfect.

Sunday 23 October 2016 7:15 AM at Loose Nuts Cycles in Grant Park


You can see the ride here

Ride pace: medium (~15 mph average) NO DROP
Cost: $75 shuttle is $25 extra. All the food and drinks and support are included.
We’ll have you home by supper (back in town around 5, throw down a few cold ones, and head home.)