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Our Manifesto

We’ve scouted the routes, ridden the miles, spent the hours in the saddles, and if there is a pint of brunswick stew, a bbq sandwich, a veggie burrito, or just a beer so damned cold straight from the tap that it brings a tear to your eye, we know about it.

Just Bring Your Bottle

Our day rides start with a meet up over great Brash coffee, and a killer breakfast – everything you need to get your ride rolling.  Along the way rest stops are charted – we know where the good bathrooms are, and which shops have the best homemade biscuits. At each one, a sag wagon will be waiting with a stocked pantry with enough food and cold drinks to let your inner glutton out.

Also on hand will be a seasoned and skilled professional mechanic with enough replacement parts (and the knowledge to use them) to make sure that you can reach your final destination in high spirits.  

Need to ditch that wool jersey for something lighter?  Done.
Need an extra layer descending into the canyon.  What size do you wear?
Gloves?  Full finger or trad?
Need an Oatmeal Cream Pie, a Payday, a banana, or some gels to help fend off the man with the hammer?  Grab them.  They’re here for you, and we’re not running out. From pickle juice to Pellegrino, from LaCroix to Skratch Labs, thirst just doesn’t happen on a Toecutters ride.
And at the end of the ride awaits a damn good meal, and plenty of beverages to relax and unwind with new friends.  

Just Bring Your Bottle

Our overnight expeditions will haul all your gear and have your tents set up before you get to camp.  A full, satisfying, hot meal, and beverages to match, as you wind down around the fire.  When you wake, you will find a cup of coffee to put any #coffeeoutside to shame or a cuppa tea strong and dark, just how you like it.  With a camp cooked breakfast in your belly,  chains lubed and tires inflated, you are off without a care.  We will do the grunt work of breaking down camp and washing the dishes.  

Just Bring Your Bottle

No need to send friends and family updates letting them know you haven’t been devoured by skunk apes or stalked through Cheaha State Park by the Wumpus cat.  They will be able to check your progress on a GPS enabled tracker from the comfort of their computers or mobile phones.  We’ll take the pictures so you can enjoy the scenery.  

Your life is complicated enough.

Why complicate the one thing that brings you so much joy?

Let Toecutters shoulder the burden of planning, route selection, scouting locations, and logistics.  By doing this you can get back to the reason you ride in the first place, the love of the ride itself.

Just Bring Your Bottle*

•we have bottles too; you’re only human.

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